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Karcher dream team

Building relationships with our corporate community is vital to spreading the word on Hillary House Leadership Centre.  A significant relationship was cemented in 2016, when Karcher New Zealand adopted Hillary House as a Place of National Significance within Karcher’s international cultural sponsorship programme.  Hillary House is an iconic building for New Zealand and a legacy for young people.

Karcher relationship with hillary house new zealand

Twice a year Karcher employees volunteer from around New Zealand to spend the day cleaning every nook and cranny of Hillary House with their equipment and products.  Both the interior and exterior have a makeover which would have impressed Sir Ed!

By giving in this way, Karcher and their dream team are both enriching the relationship with Hillary House and supporting the sustainability of the building.   We love watching the Managing Director, Mike Roberts, mentoring and teaching team members during the cleaning – his commitment to them and to us is inspirational.

August 2018

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