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Sarah Hillary links with SEHC Art project

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

An exciting opportunity for both the students of Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate (SEHC) and Hillary House has been an art project in collaboration with the Auckland Art Gallery. Students have visited the gallery and worked with Sarah Hillary to create small artworks on tiles which came from their original home. At the time the house was moved from Remuera, it was impossible to retain the parquet tiles. So, the tiles were lifted and stored with a view to later re-using them for various projects.

As part of the Auckland Art Gallery’s Learning and Outreach schools programmes, 18 SEHC students were selected, six each from the Junior, Middle and Senior schools, to visit the gallery with their Art teachers. We acknowledge the support of Iokapeta Magele-Suamasi, Learning and Outreach Manager at the Gallery, our trustee and previous chair, Gail Thomson, along with the SEHC teachers who worked with their students on this project.

Students created artworks that were visual representations of their identity and cultural icons. “It was important to have visual representations of Sir Ed’s legacy, interwoven with imagery that was relevant to our students,” says Mose Eteuati, HOD Art at the Collegiate.

A number of the artworks have been created and donated by the students as a fundraiser for Hillary House and are on display. They will be sold at our open home as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, on Sunday 20 October from 10am to 3pm, when visitors can also view the exhibition Sir Ed’s Antarctica.

September 2019

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