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Sir Ed motivates St Thomas’ School

Sir Ed motivates St Thomas’ School hillary house new zealand

In August 2016 one of our first student leader groups to visit Hillary House was from St Thomas’ School in Kohimarama. They were in awe of being in Sir Ed’s actual home and were excited to see the framed newspapers which told the story of how the ascent of Mount Everest coincided with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.  Learning that this achievement was as notable as the coronation in gaining front page news was so interesting for these Year 6 students. 

At the time of the visit our Trust was trying to find the money to put blinds throughout Hillary House to preserve and protect this historical information.  The students were particularly concerned that materials be protected in Sir Ed’s study.  These students returned to school and raised money to help.  Some months later the Trust was delighted to accept a cheque for $400 as a contribution to the blinds.  We are so thankful for this effort and contribution to Sir Ed’s legacy. 

St Thomas’ School and our Trust celebrated in May 2017 when blinds were installed throughout the house thanks to a further generous donation from a private benefactor.

August 2016

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